Coerced, threatened, blackmailed and boxed into a relationship



Good pple,if you are not cleaver,if you have no rules and principles,you will milk a bull in a toxic relationship,worse still,in a dangerous marriage.Millions of pple are in relationships which they are not comfortable or they have never been comfortable.Circumstances took them to those uncomfortable marriages,instead of enjoying they are enduring.If you are there,stress,blood pressure and stomach ulcers will always be your portion,no matter how you pray,no matter how many sessions of marriage counselling you attend,the sugar will keep increasing.

The romantic predator approaches you with a fake innocence,after climbing the mountain two to three times,the innocence fades away,your told how she has conceived,if you try to run,your told all the selfie photos she took while drinking love will be uploaded in kilimani mum facebook group.Out of fear,your voice that happened to be base is reduced to soprano.That how your end comes.Here you are cornered and boxed ndani!!!! ndani!!!!!

These romantic predators target respected rich guys,guys with family and a name to protect.This is because such pple will do anything to protect themselves from any kind of scandals,they can part with a chunk of money to protect their name.For a example,a charismatic pastor vomiting English and holy ghost fire can do anything to protect himself from a sex scandal.This is where these romantic predators mine gold.They keep threatening him,I will tell the world you are a moron,I will call jicho pevu.The threats keep coming,the more they come,the more money you lose.To stop this your forced to cut a deal with a beast,there you go, “I will Mary you!!!!your are mine !!!!brah brah!!!!!!!.That how you end up sharing a blanket with a strange bedfellow.

A guy narrated to me how he used to kill time in the evening around a girl she loathed,she told me the only kiosk in the area belonged to that girl,the lady kept showing his thighs cunningly and mathematically.Out of lust the guy saw a romantic opportunity that made him a father by force.You see,when the father of the girl knew her daughter was pregnant,he chased her away,that how my friend started a stressful marriage life.

Happiness and love will never knock your door,you will be stressed all the days of your life,you either quit or drink a cup of depression.You are incompatible,the absence of love will bring endless romantic friction.But somebody will ask,I have a kid with that guy?My answer is,that kid cannot cement a relationship.Only true love can do that.

When building a house,a strong foundation is very important,the same case with relationships,take time to know your partner,read him or her like a book.See how he reacts when angry,see how she reacts when happy,know their pple.A weak foundation cannot be redeemed no matter what,the only way to build a good one,is pulling down the fake one and building one with a strong foundation.Pull down that toxic relationship and start a new romantic adventure.It is painful but the only way.

Now I wish you all the best in Jesus mighty name

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