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If you read romantic adventure 1 you will notice direction is
very important when you are single and searching.Another
thing and very important is LINK,the connecting point.This is
where many fail,you might be beautiful,handsome but if there
is nobody to see that beauty,you will find yourself wrinkled
with your beauty.Connection is very important.Now,let see
how the servant of Abraham connected or linked with

Genesis 24:11 “He made the camels kneel down near the
well outside the town,it was towards evening,the time the
women go out to draw water…
Good pple,here the servant doesn’t go knocking pple’s doors
looking for sweethearts,he position himself in a strategic
place(LINK).You see,he want a girl and the well is where
women come to draw water,suddenly Rebecca appears
without any struggle,If you position yourself well your
sweetheart will appear.Today there are many wells,go and
join that Chama,join that choir,as you dance for the Lord let
your romantic face be seen,join that member clubs in your
neighborhood,join those mourners and turn mourning into
celebration,Nobody will know whether you got a wife in a
burial,put a romantic smile,soon your partner will smile
back.Rebecca came smiling,your Rebecca and Isaac will
come smiling.

How many remember Reverend Cathy Kiuna
telling the girls of Kayole to get servant quarters in Runda and
Lavington?Infact the good Reverend was giving a good
advise.Many attacked her and called her names in social
media.It depends on how you view it,if your going to Runda
to steal men from women that too bad.But remember the
parents of Runda give birth to boys and girls.If your dream is
to get such men,you should take the advise from the
Reverend.Here Runda becomes a link,a connecting joint,a
WELL where the like of Rebecca and Isaac meet.Good
pple,go out there in that restaurant,buy a soda and start
sipping kidogo kidogo,don’t forget your smile.Remember your
not in a burial,don’t make a mistake of mourning in a

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