Another day,two different ladies came to me claiming how a certain fly follows them wherever they go,infact when one of the lady visited me the fly accompanied her all the way,it disappeared when she entered the church,it was until another lady claimed the same thing was happening to her that I took the issue serious.
Good pple,these spirits are called monitors,they follow you even in secret places,they report back to their masters.

Hundreds of pple who have come to my counselling(huduma) testifies that they have experience such things in their dreams,some say dangerous snakes are chasing them,buffalos and bulls chase them,bees and funny birds follow them.
Good pple,all these are evil monitors,you need total disconnection,this can only be possible through powerful prayers and deliverance,prayer and fasting can chase these demonic monitors away.
Now pray after me
“Father I declare every evil spirit monitoring my life,my family,my marriage,my business,my career and vision CATCH FIRE NOW in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. “

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