Protect Your Marriage From,witchcraft Know The Signs



1.Your partner changes abruptly,you have heard pple say my partner was not like this,he or she changed when he…….

2.Your partner no longer fear you when flirting with women,he or she stop fearing to hurt you romantically something she could never do there before,you see the juju has already blinded him

3.He or she keeps complaining how you bewitched him to marry you,this complain is your partner echoing the juju man or woman

4.The sexual organs dies and kills romantic pleasure,for men impotent ruins romantic therapy,for women feeling dies

5.No conception despite the doctor assuring you that your organs and health is okay

6.Sweet words disappears,nasty and nagging words takes over

7.Your partner keeps conducting suspicious rituals in the house,if you ask them they get angry.e.g. digging and putting portion here and there,slaughtering chicken and other rituals

8.Your partner keeps taking oath in the name of their ancestors and their traditions

Good pple,many marriages and relationships can’t last,Even the ones that started with the right foundation are finding themselves breaking,everyday we hear relationship have been broken,a divorce here and there.When this happens,pple blames other things,but in my counselling session I have interviewed many pple and especially ladies,some told me how they went to the witchdoctors for the love portions,somebody told me how he snatched a learned man from his wife,how they travelled the world,but these days the medicine from the juju man refused to she is suffering with a kid wondering what happened.

Now I declare,every spirit of love portion is defeated in your marriage and relationship in JESUS MIGHTY NAME,I also send the Angel of recovery to recover your sweetheart in JESUS MIGHTY NAME

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