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Good people,as you know many marriages are breaking,divorce everywhere,children are left suffering,without a role model to show the way. You see some marriages are not suppose to end but since there are no mediators they end up breaking.So as marriage counsellor and a pastor I work towards reconciliation.Intact from 2015 to 2019 I have seen hundred of couples reconcile.Yours too can,there is God in heaven.


The early days of marriage can be very stressful if you are not careful,everything seems new,to ladies almost everything is new,your sisters and brothers are nowhere to be found,culture and language change too,the environment changes and many things,as this change take toll on you,you might end up hating marriage.That where I come in,I prepare you to copy with these changes here and there,creating new relationships etc


Betrayal cuts dip and leaves a wound that can take long to heal.Many relationship end up breaking completely.Once a betrayal has taken place,it is difficult to trust.Your partner becomes suspicious all the the time.When out there you are treated like a suspect.Intact suspicion is the worst enemy of reconciliation.Here I work on building trust and eliminating suspicions.Love,patience and forgiveness is very important for healing.


Good people,many marriages you see breaking here and there is as result of this,some of men you see flirting with girls here and there is as a result of never being satisfied by their partner.As a result these unsatisfied partners look for green pastures elsewhere.That where side chicks come in.So I teach the couples how to communicate sex language and how to keep their partners hooked to them romantically


Romantic is all about signals,if you don’t send signals how can somebody understands you?A car indicates left and other drivers think he is going left.The signal is very important to drivers,without signals many accidents can occur on the road.That is also true in marriage or any other relationship,communication is a signal for romantic road.Keep showing the signal,keep communicating.So hear I bring back people to the table,I get communication back on track.


Respect people and they will respect back,do otherwise and you will receive the opposite.You must value your partner,respect his or her even when you disagree.Never treat him or her as a less human.Treat your partner with dignity.He or she loved you,if she did that why disrespect her.So here I teach the couple how to honour and respect their partners.

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There are some people out there who never get into marriages,they are rejected on the first dates,this is what we call rejection.Limitation:Here you are loved easily,infact they get partner and stay for sometimes,they can even last to know the parents and close relatives but things end there,the relationship is broken.This hurts many,hundreds of people saw you taking coffee and photos only to be dumped after wasting your time.Delay:You are taken for a ride,time keep running,other suitors look for you,but since you are engaged you tell them nope.Time keep flying but your partner can’t see that.You keep waiting for him to propose but the guy is busy eating popcorn.When you are wrinkled that when you realize there is no marriage.Good people,take care when a guy takes you through zigzag and round round.How do i handle this,here faith is important,if something is behind the rejection fight it spiritually,speak to the demon and scream fire!!!! Do it in Faith and the demon will run like a mad dog


A fat wallet is good,it can flatten you within a night,but money if not handled wisely can destroy the house of common,it brings a prado home,the same prado takes out the side chick out for a date.You see,questions will always surface,”where does he take his money?He must be having another lady out there,mother in law is milking us dry.Good people,you need to discuss your finances,infact you can bring food on the table,buy clothes for the family,take them out and yet they will demand to know the whereabouts of the rest of the money.They might not ask,but the questions will be ringing in their end.Here I teach people how to be accountable,doing budgets,accounting for that 200 shillings your husband left you with.Yes,don’t be quick to point fingers at your husband but you are never accountable with 200 shillings she left.


This is very important,you get to know your partner well before you say,”Yes I do” Since you are all new,you need a mediator who can ask important questions on your behalf.The mediator can suggest a number of things,the appropriate time to Mary,the durations of courtship.Handle some teething problems in New relationships.When this come to me,I advise the romantic friends not to be blinded by love.By the way,love can really blind,it squeeze out reasoning completely,that why you hear people say,”I cannot do without you,I will kill you if you leave me”In some cases they end up harming themselves.So I help people to bond and get to know one another


It comes a time when divorce is the right thing to do,so divorce should not be always viewed negatively.The bible says God hate divorce but the same bible has a mechanism that make divorce possible.Now the question to many,”When is divorce possible?”Another thing,sometimes people are not doing divorce because the marriage is bad.Some people have evil interests,they want to be left alone to mind their own business,others want material things,they want to control properties,such interests are killing good marriages.And you know what?Some of the people seeking divorce is not their idea,wrong advices is to blame.They regret later.So sometimes divorce is not a solution,it create hatred,separate children from parents,leave people traumatized.So here I show people the advantages and disadvantages.


Good people,marriage is not a walk in the park,you will encounter many things in your partners,some big weaknesses here and there.You will discuss your sweetheart is an addict e.g. alcoholic,you will discover your wife believes in witchcraft etc.Yes,your partner is so sweet but he has a specific problem that angers you.He is too generous,he gives all the sugar in the kitchen to your neighbours.We call them SPECIFIC PROBLEMS.So we address them by making the partners understand one another and making them aware of the problem.


We believe in God who created marriage institution,as such,we fix our eyes unto him,the Alpha and Omega.He started a good work in us,surely he will finish it.He makes what is imperfect perfect,what is impure pure.So I guide people to seek God,to pray in Faith and God who answers his people can answer us.